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Smiling Clinton maid with towelsThe notion of housekeeping refers to all the duties and chores that are essential for running a household and the housekeeper is the person who is employed to manage the household: she deals with numerous housecleaning activities, from cleaning dirty surfaces and dusting to vacuuming and disposing of rubbish. Most housekeepers are paid to perform cleaning tasks outside of the home as well, such as mowing the lawn or cleaning the backyard.

It is the duty of the housekeeper to make the home a safer, cleaner and a better environment, free of bacteria or viruses that can trigger diseases. If the home is not cleaned on a regular basis, it will eventually develop bacteria and mold, both of which can trigger a wealth of diseases including respiratory problems.Brooms and vacuum cleaners are by far the most useful tools when it comes to removing dust, debris and dirt. Cleaning tools work at their full potential when combined with efficient cleaning products, such as bleach or disinfectants.

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Basically, there are two types of cleaning the housekeeper can perform: she can either deal with deep cleaning services, which means cleaning the debris and dirt even from areas that are very hard to reach and that are not in sight, or she can do a shallow, fast cleaning that usually involves removing the dust.

It is impossible to prevent dirt from accumulating over time, and this poses a series of health threats, including severe breathing issues and repeated sneezing. Dusting tools are certainly a great investment: from dusting mops to wool dusters, there is a wide range of special cleaning tools to choose from. For removing dirt that has been accumulating in the upholstery, housekeepers usually use a professional vacuum cleaner.

Smiling Clinton Housekeeper

Smiling Clinton Housekeeper

Housekeepers can choose from thousands of different cleaning products: some of them are for general purpose, while others clean and disinfect specific surfaces. These chemicals are available in the form of spray, powder or liquid, and most of them are designed for general purpose. However, other chemicals are especially designed to target certain problems: there are chemicals made for oven cleaning, others for polishing the furniture while others are designed for floor cleaning and drain cleaning.

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Disinfectants are by far the most commonly used household chemicals at the moment, and they aim to remove the smell and dirt caused by bacteria: on the other hand, these products are also efficient for removing various beverage stains, lime scale and virtually any other type of stain. Generally speaking, these products are safe to use but some of them interact with paint and they are also flammable. Clinton KY maids should be aware of this.

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